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About Us

Hello and welcome to You might not know this but Google Business View has been around since 2010 – and we’ve been around for a lot longer than that. Do you remember the good old marketing days of text only emails and the screech of dial up? Well so do we. Ah, happy days!

Thankfully, however, technology marches ever onward and, in order to make your presence felt in this increasingly more crowded digital space, you need to move with the times. Our core business now focuses on promoting the benefits of Google Business View and creating beautiful and bespoke websites for businesses. Our ultimate aim is to make your online presence stand out amongst the half a billion or so websites there are out there.

So, how do we do that?

Firstly, we get an understanding of exactly what it is you’re looking for. Do you need a brand new website built or a revamp of your current one? Maybe you don’t need or want a website yet still want to exist in the digital domain. Either way, we can help.

We create websites that reflect your brand and embed the key messages you wish to promote. Clean, functional and optimised for search engines, we can create and then manage your website for you or show you how to do it yourselves. We know what Google and the other search engines look for in order to rank your website highly: Fresh content, high quality links, short and long tail keywords. We create, we deliver…and Google rank. So talk to us about your ideas and let’s make it happen.

“But I don’t want a website”

That’s ok – there’s other ways to promote your business online.

Google has recently launched Google My Business, meaning that small business owners, social media managers and marketers all benefit from Google’s integration of all their business tools into one manageable platform – and Google Business View is part of that. At its simplest, think of Google Business View as Street View for inside your business. 360 degree views of your layout and premises, meaning that customers from all over the world can see exactly what you have on offer. If you use Google Adwords, Google Maps or Google+ to promote your business, Google Business View will appear alongside them.

We’re Google Certified Photographers, meaning that we have the tools, the skills and are authorised to come and photograph your premises. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll do the rest. We operate nationwide and provide free quotations too.

So, take a browse around our site and have a look at the websites and Google Business Views we’ve created for others. If you want to improve your rankings, show the world what you’ve got and stay ahead of the game then please get in touch. If you want to stand still and then fall behind you don’t need to do anything at all: But we know where we’d rather be – and we’d love you to join us too.